Don’t check 50 dashboards for infrastructure health.
Check one.

Imagine one digital operations command center solution that gives you the dashboard you need for system health, availability and performance, and cloud monitoring. That’s the power of OpsRamp's hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring. It’s end-to-end visibility across applications, datacenters, clouds, point tools, and anything else you’ve got under the hood.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring-as-a-Service For Hybrid IT

OpsRamp provides hundreds of out-of-the-box IT infrastructure monitoring templates that capture behavioral and performance metrics for applications, servers, networks, storage, and database instances across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Combined with powerful AIOps capabilities, modern IT operations management teams can leverage both native monitors (pre-built instrumentation for managing IT infrastructure) and custom monitors (user-defined instrumentation for specialized workloads) for proactive IT operations management as a service and responsive troubleshooting.

Monitor and manage everything in your IT infrastructure, including:


Monitor key performance indicators for Windows and Linux servers with hundreds of monitoring templates.


Track availability of your hybrid storage infrastructure with status, capacity, and performance metrics.


Troubleshoot performance issues for your physical and software-defined enterprise network infrastructure.


Avoid availability issues across virtual machines with real-time host and guest VM monitoring.


Cloud monitoring to track uptime and response for business services hosted on public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Drive deep visibility by collecting and aggregating critical metrics for your container instances.


Deliver optimal customer experiences by monitoring web application performance across multiple locations.


Visualize relationships between your enterprise services and infrastructure with service maps.

Optimize Performance and Responsiveness for Business-Critical Applications

  • Monitor the status and performance of both enterprise-grade commercial and open source applications with app monitors.
  • Handle a diverse enterprise application ecosystem across multiple versions, locations, and business units, with the right instrumentation.
  • Manage application health, processes, files, and logs with a wide range of monitoring templates.

Manage Network Performance Seamlessly

  • Automatically discover network resources and make them visible for hybrid infrastructure management.
  • Gain rich insights for network and storage infrastructure with agentless polling.
  • Ensure rapid detection of infrastructure outages and troubleshoot network performance issues with the right context.

Detect Errors and Fix Issues With Log Monitoring

  • Capture, aggregate, filter, analyze and correlate event context with log monitors.
  • Parse log files, look for patterns, and troubleshoot with confidence using machine data analytics.
  • Alert the right teams about application outages and service degradations in your IT environment using early warning signs.

Deliver Business-Focused Insights for Software-Defined Environments

  • Track the health and performance of the critical services that power core IT services.
  • Create customized definitions of availability, performance, and responsiveness for modern.

Drive Instant Visibility and Responsive Support

  • Define the right set of metrics for managing workloads of a custom application.
  • Drive real-time performance monitoring for customized apps with monitoring templates and alert thresholds.
  • Ensure faster problem acknowledgement and prompt resolution with alert escalation policies.

Reduce Downtime With Real-Time Diagnostics

  • Track the performance and execution of API-driven interactions and transactions.
  • Manage the availability of dynamic workloads with relevant performance metrics.
  • Aggregate data from public cloud platforms, software-defined infrastructure, and cloud-native services.

Industry Feedback

“OpsRamp takes the chaos out of infrastructure.”

- Mathew Campbell, VP of Infrastructure Delivery, Epsilon

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