IT Infrastructure Monitoring-as-a-Service

OpsRamp is designed to discover and monitor hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure in a single platform. We simplify IT operations management with auto monitoring for public cloud and cloud-native infrastructure along with curated dashboards for deeper cloud visibility. OpsRamp delivers comprehensive performance metrics for applications, servers, networks, storage and database instances across on-prem and cloud environments. Our AIOps technology brings intelligence and automation to alert management and incident routing. You have access to native monitors (prebuilt) and custom monitors (user-defined instrumentation) for effectively troubleshooting, restoring, and maintaining business services.

Monitor and manage everything in your IT infrastructure, including:


Monitor key performance indicators for Windows and Linux servers with hundreds of monitoring templates.


Track availability of your hybrid storage infrastructure with status, capacity, and performance metrics.


Troubleshoot performance issues for your physical and software-defined enterprise network infrastructure.


Avoid availability issues across virtual machines with real-time host and guest VM monitoring.


Cloud infrastructure monitoring to track uptime and response for business services hosted on public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Drive deep visibility by collecting and aggregating critical metrics for your container instances.


Deliver optimal customer experiences by monitoring web application performance across multiple locations.


Visualize relationships between your enterprise services and infrastructure with service maps.

Application Monitoring

Optimize Performance and Responsiveness for Business-Critical Applications

  • Monitor the status and performance of both enterprise-grade commercial and open source applications with app monitors.
  • Handle a diverse enterprise application ecosystem across multiple versions, locations, and business units, with the right instrumentation.
  • Manage application health, processes, files, and logs with a wide range of monitoring templates.

Manage Network Performance Seamlessly

  • Automatically discover network resources and make them visible for hybrid infrastructure management.
  • Gain rich insights for network and storage infrastructure with agentless polling.
  • Ensure rapid detection of infrastructure outages and troubleshoot network performance issues with the right context.
SNMP Monitoring