Improve Your Incident Response Reflexes With A Digital Operations Command Center.

Digital transformation has accelerated the expectations of of the modern business for service performance and availability, agility, and speed. IT operations management (ITOM) and IT service management (ITSM) must be more coordinated and unified than ever. But how?

That’s the power of intelligent incident management from OpsRamp.

Digital Operations Command Center

The Challenges of Incident Detection, Diagnosis,
Troubleshooting, and Resolution At Scale.

Now it’s easier to quickly identify, investigate, and fix an IT outage before it impacts the business. Intelligent Incident Management from OpsRamp means faster, more automated event response and resolution throughout the entire incident management lifecycle. How?

Alert Floods

Make sense of
alert floods

OpsRamp correlates events generated from third-party tools and exponentially reduces your urgent alerts.

Prioritize response

Prioritize response by
impact and urgency

Route incidents based on business impact and urgency, so you don’t burn precious hours on alerts that don’t matter.

Pinpoint incident root cause

Pinpoint incident
root cause

Easily find the one root-cause alert that rules them all and minimize downstream impact.

Notify the right teams

Notify the
right teams

Notify the right teams right now with auto-incident escalation and response and say goodbye to IT incident management process bottlenecks.

Automate Incident Response

incident response

Solve the problem before anyone complains with policy-based, automated responses into your incident management workflow using native monitoring and ITSM integrations.


Integrate with
your ITSM tools

Spend less time swapping screens and more time solving problems with pre-built integrations with IT service management tools like ServiceNow and BMC Remedy.

Recognize, Contextualize, And Isolate The Problem.

Drive better problem identification, impact analysis, and first response for incident management. Better organize IT incident management processes and automated remediation by cutting through the noise in a structured manner.

Service Health Management

Maintain service levels for critical IT services with unified monitoring and discovery and intelligence for legacy and modern workloads.

  • Live Asset Inventory. Drive greater clarity, compliance, and control for hybrid infrastructure services.
  • Comprehensive Visibility and Control. Optimize digital services and deliver optimal customer experiences with observability dashboards.
  • Drive Business Resilience. Solve issues faster by analyzing application interdependencies with visual workflows in service maps.
Service Health Management

Intelligent Correlation

Drive agile incident response and improve IT alert management by discovering and intuiting patterns across large operational datasets.

  • Contextual Operational Insights. Consolidate events and alerts across your tools stack and extract relevant insights using AIOps and machine learning.
  • Smarter Noise Suppression. Group similar alerts to reduce unnecessary noise so that you can focus on the incidents that matter to your business.
  • Faster Root Cause Analysis. Gain better situational awareness and drive quicker remediation for IT outages.
Intelligent Correlation

Faster Incident Response

Resolve disruptions faster by reducing mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTRR) during service outages.

  • Alert Visibility. Group related alerts and create a ticket, incident, problem, or change request to manage issues through resolution.
  • Automated Escalations. Restore services faster by routing alerts with on-call schedules and escalation matrices.
  • Incident Collaboration. Notify the right teams for prompt resolution using email, voicemail, text, and chat.
Incident Response time

Service Remediation

Coordinate, schedule, and manage the delivery of incident resolution activities across different IT domains and service delivery teams.

  • Enforce Process Consistency. Address regular and repetitive incidents at scale without wasting time and effort.
  • Automated Remediation. Minimize system downtime by responding to critical alerts with predefined policies and workflows.
  • Secure Infrastructure Access. Provide secure access to your IT environment for internal and external teams with remote consoles.
Service Remediation

The OpsRamp Incident Management Workflow: Faster Incident Triage And Response.

Combine IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) for accelerated digital transformation and differentiated service delivery.

Incident Management Workflow

ITSM Integrations: Drive The Right Business Outcomes With Better Coordination.

Understand what's going on in your IT environment and take the right action with pre-built integrations for leading IT service management tools like ServiceNow, Cherwell, and BMC Remedy. Solve issues faster with better prioritization and response and deliver proper incident support using the right operational insights.

Cherwell incident management
IT Incident Management