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Frequently Asked Questions


OpsRamp’s Technical Support is available via email on weekdays during the hours of 9:00 am through 5:00 pm local time zone and 24/7 via Phone for Urgent - P1 issues, with the exclusion of US and UK Federal Holidays (“Support Hours”).
You can find OpsRamp SLAs by following this link.
While Support can assist with how-to questions for template creation, we recommend you reach out to your Customer Success Technical Manager for anything deeper.

Opening a Case

Easy! You can do so by following through the following link.
Of course. Once you follow the link below and generate an Account with our Support team, you’ll have the ability to control priority as well as many other things like tracking the status of your cases, how you directly respond to your cases, and you can even update a case’s status if your issue is resolved.
It’s always helpful for our team to have the following information:
  1. Client Name
  2. Device Name
  3. Screenshots
  4. Descriptions of the issue
Severity is a measure of the technical complexity of the issue, where Priority would be a measurement of that impact on your business.

After Submitting A Case

We certainly appreciate the extra research! Typically if you include enough information on an issue including reproduction steps, our Support team can work with our Engineering team to expedite its resolution and provide you with a timeline on the fix in a more efficient manner.
Depending on the severity and priority of the issue at hand, our team will reach out to let you know once they’ve started looking into the issue. We’re always working on things, so feel free to contact us if the issue increases in urgency. We always appreciate the feedback!
We understand issues can bubble up from one moment to the next, feel free to reach out to us and let us know this has happened. We’re always available to help!