Hybrid Observability

Network Monitoring

Real-time network monitoring automatically discovers network resources across on-prem and cloud environments and displays metrics automatically in easy-to-use dashboards.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring tools need to provide the necessary context to engineers or systems administrators who are troubleshooting complex network routing failures, packet loss or drop, or performing capacity planning of their network. With OpsRamp, network teams can view the traffic, utilization, and availability of a network resource and determine the root cause of a network performance degradation with real-time metrics.

Network Monitoring with OpsRamp

Learn how OpsRamp ensures the performance and availability of on-prem and multi-cloud networking infrastructure.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

✔️ Auto discovery of network resources and devices.

✔️ Real-time alerts when thresholds are nearing for network traffic utilization to avoid bottlenecks and other critical issues.

✔️ Root-cause analysis of a network performance degradation with real-time analytics.

✔️ Comprehensive visibility into network health to avoid connectivity issues and optimize user performance.

✔️Insights into network utilization patterns to aid in capacity planning or post-incident analysis.

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