Benefits of Network Monitoring


  • Auto discovery of network resources and devices;
  • Real-time alerts when thresholds are nearing for network traffic utilization to avoid bottlenecks and other critical issues;
  • Root-cause analysis of a network performance degradation with real-time analytics;
  • Comprehensive visibility into network health to avoid connectivity issues and optimize user performance;
  • Insights into network utilization patterns to aid in capacity planning or post-incident analysis.
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OpsRamp Network Monitoring

OpsRamp’s real-time network monitoring automatically discovers network resources across on-prem and cloud environments and displays metrics automatically in easy-to-use dashboards. Network teams can view the traffic, utilization, and availability of a network resource and determine the root cause of a network performance degradation with real-time metrics.

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Network Monitoring with OpsRamp


Learn how OpsRamp ensures the performance and availability of on-prem and multi-cloud networking infrastructure.

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OpsRamp Gives a Boost to Netflow and UC Monitoring


The network is a dynamic entity requiring constant vigilance for the sake of great digital experience and OpsRamp’s new NetFlow and UC monitoring offerings can help.

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OpsRamp Using OpsRamp for SaaS Ops Excellence


In this webinar, OpsRamp’s director of cloud operations, PVV Raju, shares best practices and tips from our internal use of OpsRamp.

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