Hybrid Observability

Synthetic Monitoring

Real-time health visibility by breaking down each transaction into individual steps and coordinating incident responses with relevant metrics, topology insights, and contextual notifications.

Synthetic Monitoring

OpsRamp’s synthetic monitoring goes beyond simple uptime checks to modeling common user interactions and transaction flows to explicit business outcomes. While best-of-breed synthetic tools offer limited problem diagnostics, OpsRamp contextualizes impact across shared enterprise services, distributed infrastructure, and external third-party services.

Improve Website Performance and Availability with Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how synthetic monitoring tracks the performance of websites and Internet services as an important part of the modern ITOM system.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

✔️Proactively detect issues, restore services and minimize outages of business-critical applications and customer-facing websites.

✔️Track performance metrics such as page load times and end-to-end latency that can affect business outcomes such as user signup rates and transaction completion rates.

✔️Prevent or reduce shopping cart abandonment on retail websites.

✔️Identify the cause of a site outage or performance degradation when the application itself is not the culprit.

Extensive Platform

IT operators can measure end-user experience…


IT teams can tag a transaction-based…

Global Locations

OpsRamp can monitor user experience for…

Multi-step Transaction Analysi

OpsRamp’s script-based recordings track user experience…

Service Maps

Service maps allow IT administrators to…