Hybrid Observability

Cloud Monitoring

Combine real-time discovery of cloud resources, integration of native cloud monitoring tools, and intelligent incident management.

Cloud Monitoring

OpsRamp delivers monitoring integration support for more than 150 cloud services across leading cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. OpsRamp captures multi-cloud telemetry and real-time events as they occur so that enterprises can make data-driven decisions using the right performance and consumption insights.

Multi-Cloud Monitoring with OpsRamp

Learn how OpsRamp helps IT operations teams with a platform-centric approach to cloud discovery and cloud monitoring.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

✔️Ensure availability and reliability of cloud-based apps and services for employees and customers.

✔️Be the first to know of any issues affecting performance and potentially your users.

✔️Track cloud resources to optimize performance, eliminate waste and conserve spend.

✔️Understand relationships between cloud infrastructure and business outcomes.

✔️Achieve holistic visibility across legacy and modern infrastructure for complete hybrid IT monitoring.

✔️Gain confidence to scale infrastructure as needed with always-updated dashboards on the status of cloud services.

Auto Discovery

OpsRamp uses API-based and agent-based techniques…

Cloud Spend Tracking

Analyze cloud spending patterns across business…

Cloud Tool Integrations

Pinpoint performance issues and stay ahead…

Configuration Backups

Network admins can automatically back up…

Curated Dashboards

IT teams can build curated dashboards…

Topology Maps

Keep track of the moving parts…