Our Gartner Peer Insight Reviews

Comprehensive platform for digital experience that can coexist with incumbent technologies.

— CEO in the Services Industry

Services-oriented single platform for cross-technology IT Operations.

— VP, Managed Services in the Manufacturing Industry

Implementation is great. Easy to administer. Extraordinary support.

— Technical Lead in the Services Industry

Great cloud based solution, Easy to Deploy and Use.

— Solution Consultant in the Services Industry

Transforming IT, software-defined, agile management.

— President - Canada in the Services Industry

OpsRamp helps us increase operational efficiency.

— Executive Officer and Director in the Services Industry

Their success is our success.

And it could be yours, too.

Success Story - Epsilon

Zebra Technologies

Learn how this manufacturer of enterprise mobile computers, RFID devices and communications software uses OpsRamp to reduce alert noise and achieve a single platform to manage and optimize experiences for its customer-facing SaaS portfolio.

Success Story - Epsilon

Carousel Industries

Read how this leading managed services and cloud solution provider built an enterprise command center and used OpsRamp's service-centric AIOps to reduce alert noise by 95%, improve customer satisfaction by 30% and save 20% on cost.

Success Story - Epsilon


Read how this marketing and advertising agency was able to significantly reduce time spent on routine management tasks across a global footprint of business subsidiaries and infrastructures by using OpsRamp for patching, monitoring and automation.

Success Story - GreenPages


GreenPages was able to achieve higher productivity and reduce overhead costs per device by spending less on tools, integration, reports, and platform management.

Success Story - NIIT

NIIT Technologies

NIIT Technologies was able to retire several point tools for monitoring and service management, while reducing manual tasks by 40% and time spent on triage by 80%.

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