Use OpsRamp to manage your cloud migration project and you’ll get everything you need for an easier transformation:

Cloud Monitoring


Cloud operations teams can dynamically discover and onboard public cloud services across different business units for leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


With OpsRamp, enterprises can comprehensively monitor 100+ cloud infrastructure and platform services, correlate multi-cloud events into actionable inferences, and alert the right on-call teams for rapid resolution.


IT teams can assess and automatically fix patch vulnerabilities for compute instances, use policies for on-demand incident remediation, and ensure secure remote access with auditable session recordings for both internal and external staff.


Assemble the plan and benchmark your progress.

OpsRamp - Service performance dashboard

Track Migration Phases as Tenants.

OpsRamp’s multitenant and multi-tier SaaS architecture helps enterprises measure the progress and performance of migration initiatives across their current IT environment and future state cloud environment.

Simplify Resource Management

OpsRamp monitors the availability of both hybrid and multi-cloud services through a native monitoring engine and via integrations with third-party tools. And our service-centric AIOps provides control over alert storms with machine learning-powered alert correlation and escalation.

OpsRamp - Service-Centric AIOps


Execute, Test, Track and Accept.

OpsRamp - Synthetic Monitoring

Track Availability & Performance

Custom monitoring templates for specialized workloads deliver real-time status updates and rapid detection of issues through intelligent alerting. Cloud architects can track the performance of entire business transactions and maintain service levels for workloads hosted on public cloud services with synthetic monitoring.

OpsRamp - Service Maps

Keep One Single Source of Truth

Enterprises can measure business service availability and uptime during migration with intuitive service maps and dynamic network topology maps for their IT infrastructure.


Monitor and Manage Moving Forward.

OpsRamp - Inference stats dashboard

Assure Service Uptime and Performance

Cloud teams can create and share relevant service maps with business units so that they can monitor the IT services that matter to them.

OpsRamp - Cloud costs insights

Keep the House In Order

OpsRamp’s Discovery Profile engine automatically assigns cloud resources to service groups and logically organizes cloud workloads once credential sets, policies, and cloud discovery schedules are defined.