Cloud Migration

With OpsRamp, go to the cloud without going out of your mind.

OpsRamp Cloud Migration

OpsRamp is a true multi-tenant, multi-tier SaaS platform that helps enterprise IT teams manage both the complexity of hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud native infrastructure and traditional workloads from datacenters, servers, and virtualization.

The OpsRamp Difference

Use OpsRamp to manage your cloud migration project and you’ll get everything you need for an easier transformation.


With OpsRamp, enterprises can comprehensively monitor 100+ cloud infrastructure and platform services, correlate multi-cloud events into actionable inferences, and alert the right on-call teams for rapid resolution.


IT teams can assess and automatically fix patch vulnerabilities for compute instances, use policies for on-demand incident remediation, and ensure secure remote access with auditable session recordings for both internal and external staff.


Cloud operations teams can dynamically discover and onboard public cloud services across different business units for leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Plan your Cloud Migration with OpsRamp

1. Assemble the plan and benchmark your progress.
2. Execute, Test, Track and Accept.
3. Monitor and Manage Moving Forward.

  • Pre Migration

    • Track Migration Phases as Tenants.
    • Simplify Resource Management

  • Migration

    • Track Availability & Performance
    • Keep One Single Source of Truth

  • Post Migration

    • Assure Service Uptime and Performance
    • Keep the House In Order