Benefits of Virtualization Monitoring


Given the complexities involved in managing virtualized environments, IT teams need the right insights for virtual resource monitoring so that they can address performance issues quickly. Virtualization monitoring tools can deliver:

  • A central location to see the status of all virtual resources and take action upon critical alerts, create incidents and remediate issues.
  • At-a-glance view of real-time performance and health metrics for virtual machines, hosts, and storage.
  • Visualization of topology relationships across virtual machines, hypervisor servers, and clusters in virtual environments, such as VMware vSphere and Linux KVM.
  • Reduction of costly virtual machine sprawl and other inefficient utilization and configuration patterns.
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OpsRamp Virtualization Monitoring

The OpsRamp platform offers dynamic discovery, hybrid performance monitoring, real-time alerting and visualization for virtual machine bandwidth consumption for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, and Linux KVM hypervisors. IT operators can see performance metrics for VMs, clusters, hosts, containers, and vSANs, and use topology maps to understand the service and infrastructure dependencies for virtualized infrastructure.

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Virtualization Monitoring with OpsRamp


See how OpsRamp monitors and troubleshoots the performance of virtualized environments.

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OpsRamp + VMware: Gain Visibility into Dynamic Virtualized Infrastructure


Access real-time performance metrics for VMware virtual machines, hosts, and datastores using OpsRamp.

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Hybrid IT Infrastructure Discovery & Monitoring


Built for multi-cloud monitoring, OpsRamp’s hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring lets you manage your end to end application and infrastructure stack in a single platform.

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