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One Platform – Total Control

Monitor cloud and on-prem infrastructure and resolve incidents with machine learning. It’s digital operations for modern, digital business.

Intelligent Automation

Do more with less work.
Use a flexible workflow engine, automated runbooks, and integrations to help your team automate repetitive tasks and incident response.

Machine Learning

Find the insights in the data.
OpsRamp leverages artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to reduce big data problems into actionable insights; from monitoring (anomaly detection, predictive alerting) to event management (alert rationalization, probable root cause), and more.

Hybrid Observability

See everything, together.
With hundreds of monitoring integrations for on-prem and cloud, and dozens of third-party alert integrations for your existing tools, OpsRamp gives you a simple view of a complex hybrid IT environment.

SaaS Foundation

Set up and go.
Gone are the days spent deploying, customizing, and maintaining your IT operations tools for production environments. The OpsRamp platform is secure, massively scalable, and ready for your business.

From Discovery to Resolution

Leverage hybrid observability, machine learning and process automation to modernize IT operations. Handle the speed, scope and scale of modern IT and drive productivity and business value.

Control the Chaos

Many different infrastructure elements residing in hybrid environments – on-prem, private, public cloud – all needing to come together to support business-critical services.