Hybrid Observability

Container Monitoring

Detect and monitor applications running in containerized workloads, including individual Docker hosts and Kubernetes clusters, across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Container Monitoring

Containers are complex pieces of software since they contain not just code but all the underlying services an application needs to run. Containerized applications are updated frequently as new deployments are put into production with changes made to code and the underlying services, which multiplies the opportunities for errors.

The Executive’s Guide to Kubernetes

Unleash your containerization and microservices strategy with Kubernetes.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

✔️ Prevent outages by identifying issues before a container goes into production.

✔️ Identify at what layer of the container a problem is occurring.

✔️ Detect issues across clusters of different containers.

✔️ Ensure that containers run the same in different cloud environments.

✔️ Manage the orchestration of containers to attain optimal performance.


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