451 Research Webinar: Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Trends

Our Customers

Because enterprise IT operations is a service business.

As the world’s first service-centric AIOps platform for datacenter and cloud operations management, OpsRamp gives modern IT teams the power to serve the business across every department, business unit and location. Now it’s easy to:

  • Consolidate hybrid infrastructure for maximum visibility
  • Map infrastructure to your business services for proactive IT operations
  • Automate multi-cloud management using machine learning for greater IT infrastructure and operations performance and reliability

How We Do It

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OpsRamp auto-discovers cloud and on-premises infrastructure across your environment and maps it to business services.

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Take Action Faster With Context

Use OpsQ to drive faster incident resolution and reduce MTTD/MTTR of business-critical events.

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Run IT Operations As A Service

Automate workloads, manage multi-cloud costs and see your operations become more efficient over time. All from one platform. All across the enterprise.

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What's New?

Integrate and Consolidate

OpsRamp comes ready for any existing environment with pre-built integrations, APIs, and tools to develop custom integrations with all of your DevOps, ITSM, security and other tools.

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