Hybrid Observability

Storage Monitoring

Any data-intensive application will use storage resources. Monitoring these storage resources ensures that these applications remain available with faster response times.

Storage Monitoring

Monitor the availability of physical, logical, and virtual storage resources across on-premise and cloud environments with performance indicators for storage capacity, overall utilization, and disk latency.

Optimize storage environments with granular visibility for storage components such as volume, fiber channel, RAID, SAN switches, LUNs, caches, and disks.

Reduce multiple monitoring tools. Auto-discover devices across major storage vendors, while delivering a single source of truth for distributed storage infrastructure.

The Five Challenges of Modern IT Operations

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Key Benefits and Capabilities

✔️Reduce latency for applications that use storage resources.

✔️Manage network bandwidth to and from storage resources to improve overall network performance and availability.

✔️Improve capacity management of storage resources.

✔️Prevent disk failures of storage systems.

✔️Improve visibility of the entire storage environment rather than relying on siloed storage management tools.


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Incident Management

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