Hybrid Observability


Get deeper insights into your application processes, identify operational issues quicker, and resolve potential incidents faster by collecting and analyzing telemetric trace data for your distributed applications on the cloud.

OpsRamp Trace Monitoring

Achieving Full-Stack Observability

If you have been looking for a comprehensive solution that provides observability across the technology landscape, look no further than OpsRamp, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. With OpsRamp, you now have a unified platform that brings metrics, events, logs and traces from your edge to cloud into a centralized command center, providing a true 360o view of your IT and business health.

Delivering Reliability and Repeatability with Observability

OpsRamp has made observability a reality by combining Metrics, Events, Logs and Trace data to deliver comprehensive and valuable insights into your IT technology landscape. You can now find probable root cause quicker at the infrastructure, application technologies and even from your application functions, and resolve potential incidents exponentially faster – saving your team time and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Observe & Act

Collecting and analyzing your application’s interactions with underlying services is critical to identifying and resolving true root causes of impactful events. OpsRamp’s ability to collect and contextualize metric, event, logs and trace data simplifies your effort in driving quicker return-to-service and a better customer experience.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Robust trace explorer to filter and view individual trace data.
  • Better visibility into how applications and related services interact.
  • Support for open-telemetry and distributed tracing to establish relationships between events and failures.
  • Service Overview that simplifies interpretation by converting trace into metric data.
  • Identify probable root cause faster.
  • Improve contextual understanding so you can resolve incidents faster.
  • Reduce human error when troubleshooting key workflows.

Aggregate into a central place

Multi-cloud applications suppo

Search & Filter Traces

View Traces on Trace Explorer

Gain operation level visibilit

Identify Golden Signal Metrics

Service Views with deep insigh

Saved Viewed for quick revists

Intuitive Trace Dashboard

How OpsRamp Closes the Complexity Gap with Distributed Tracing

OpsRamp now supports distributed tracing, allowing to offer full-stack hybrid observability to customers.