Cloud Observability

Gain deep visibility and actionable insights into your hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments.

Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into your multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Monitor resource utilization, performance metrics and cost management across all major cloud providers from a single dashboard.

Cloud-Native Support

OpsRamp is tailored to support cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, and serverless architectures, providing deep insights into containerized applications and microservices.

Log Management

Collect, store, and analyze log data from cloud services, applications, and infrastructure components, facilitating troubleshooting and compliance efforts. Correlate logs with performance metrics to detect anomalies more effectively and efficiently.

Distributed Tracing

Utilizing distributed tracing, OpsRamp enables end-to-end visibility into complex, microservices-based architectures, helping organizations identify latency bottlenecks and optimize application performance.

Enhanced Reliability

Identify and resolve issues proactively to maintain high service reliability

Optimized Performance

Improve resource allocation and application performance for an improved user experience

Increased Security

Detect and respond to security threats and unusual behavior more effectively

Reduced Downtime

Minimize service disruptions and ensure business continuity