Hybrid Observability

Applications Monitoring

Capture and aggregate critical availability and performance metrics for open source and commercial applications to deliver rapid root cause analysis for performance issues.

Application Monitoring

OpsRamp’s application monitoring capabilities include both agent-based and agentless approaches. Agent-based monitoring offers granular metrics for application health visibility and dependency mapping for real-time impact analysis. Agentless monitoring enables the quick collection of application performance metrics without any management overhead. The OpsRamp AIOps engine correlates alerts and metrics to aid in prioritization and troubleshooting.

The 4 Phases of IT Maturity

The platform approach to ITOM including the rise of new organizational models in monitoring, management, and analytics. Artificial intelligence adoption in the modern enterprise, dispelling some common myths and fallacies.

Benefits of Application Monitoring

• Proactively detect issues, restore services and minimize outages of business critical applications.

• Understand dependencies between business applications and the underlying IT infrastructure that supports them.

• Reduce latency of application services to improve application response times and transaction processing times.

• Improve throughput of applications so that more users can be served and more processes executed without affecting application performance.

Open Source Applications

OpsRamp monitors the availability and performance of open source applications and web servers, databases, message brokers, load balancers, data analytics engines, and enterprise search platforms. Examples of these open source technologies include: RedHat JBoss, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache ActiveMQ, NGINX, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Elastic.

Enterprise Applications

OpsRamp can proactively detect issues, restore services, and minimize IT outages for popular enterprise applications including Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. The OpsRamp platform monitors application health, processes, files, and logs so that IT practitioners can ensure continuous availability and reliable performance for users.


OpsRamp provides out-of-the-box dashboards that track performance insights on metrics such as memory usage, uptime, latency, response time and throughput.