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Zebra Technologies Delivers SaaS Excellence to Customers with OpsRamp

Vertical: Technology
Zebra Technologies Success Story


Zebra Technologies Corporation designs and manufactures enterprise mobile computers, barcode and RFID scanners and readers, printers and communications software. Zebra’s Solutions portfolio includes applications for retail asset tracking, loading operations visibility, and mobile communications. These solutions run on one of the leading public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and Google), in a hybrid IT environment, or on-premises at the customer’s facility.

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Business Challenges

  • Deliver great customer experiences for its Solutions portfolio.
  • Minimize alert chaos and support multi-cloud infrastructure.

The Solution

  • Create a unified platform for maintaining high reliability and performance of Zebra’s customer-facing applications.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and effort by reducing alert noise and surfacing only the most critical, actionable alerts;
  • Avoid swivel-chair operations with a comprehensive platform for on-prem, multi-cloud and cloud-native monitoring.

The Need For Change

The Managed Service group’s legacy monitoring application lacked sufficient visibility into Zebra’s multi-cloud, container-based infrastructure which hosted their SaaS products. Furthermore, alert noise was a productivity drag on the team.

“We were getting bombarded with alerts, every 30 minutes, which were raised by default in our monitoring systems,” says Tommy Eurick, manager of service delivery operations at Zebra. Eurick was also looking for a better platform with multitenant support across different solution stacks, business units, and customers along with advanced capabilities for alert and event correlation.

“When you have too many alerts, people get into the mindset of ignoring them and then we have issues that turn into problems,” Eurick says. “With OpsRamp, the alerts my team receives are more meaningful and actionable.”

Tommy Eurick , Manager of Service Delivery Operations at Zebra

Unified IT Operations with OpsRamp

In Spring 2019, Zebra Technologies’ Managed Services team implemented the OpsRamp digital operations management platform. Here are the ways OpsRamp is bringing value to Zebra’s Solutions operations:

“OpsRamp has been instrumental to our operations as we can now focus squarely on the most important customer-impacting issues and get those alerts to the right person faster, thereby maintaining excellent user experiences across our SaaS portfolio”.

Tommy Eurick , Manager of Service Delivery Operations at Zebra

Ramping up Productivity

Eurick says he is exploring more ways that OpsRamp can enhance the productivity of his team. “We have started to use the built-in knowledge articles in the product so that if we are looking at an alert, we can bring up the supporting document right there,” he says.