Epsilon is a leading provider of multichannel, data-driven technologies, and marketing services. It offers marketing and agency services, both online and offline, fueled by the richest analytics, insights, and data in the industry. The company manages different loyalty programs, custom databases and SaaS marketing solutions on behalf of its Fortune 500 clients, acting like a managed marketing service provider.

About Epsilon

Founding Year: 1969
Revenues: $2.2 billion
Employees: 8,000


Business Challenges

  • Onboard, monitor, manage, and maintain thousands of IT assets across seven global business units.
  • Monitor, manage, and audit service delivery in a single platform.

The Solution

  • Deliver scalable IT operations platform across a global infrastructure footprint with OpsRamp.
  • Gain a unified view across their infrastructure and drive consistency at scale.

Key Benefits

  • Respond to business demands with better visibility for seamless service delivery.
  • Gain agility, efficiency, and cost savings with a digital command center for IT operations.

The Need For Change

The company’s IT operations team, Shared Technology Service (STS), is an enterprise-wide group that supports the company’s revenue generation by providing a platform-as-a-service support model for its different products and services.

Epsilon’s internal business units and clients operate some of their own IT infrastructure, run by their own IT teams. The business units and clients also use shared infrastructure, that is managed and maintained by STS.

Here are some of the operational maintenance and oversight challenges faced by the STS teams:

Matthew Campbell

“OpsRamp has taken the chaos out of our infrastructure”.

– Mathew Campbell, Vice President, Infrastructure Delivery, Epsilon

How OpsRamp Helped

Epsilon implemented OpsRamp as a scalable IT operations platform for discovering, monitoring, patching, and automating a global infrastructure footprint of more than 20,000 IT assets across seven internal business units and hundreds of clients.

Here’s how the company gained visibility and control of its massive IT footprint using OpsRamp:

  • Asset Visibility. With a multi-tenant platform built for distributed scale, OpsRamp delivers visibility of hybrid workloads for its global business units. The STS team gets a unified view of all their infrastructure assets through OpsRamp’s policy-based discovery that delivers automatic and rapid onboarding of devices across global locations.
  • Monitoring Automation. With OpsRamp’s monitoring policies, STS is able to drive monitoring consistency and customization for all its infrastructure. IT teams can apply the same monitoring template for a particular workload across all their business units. At the same time, the OpsRamp monitoring framework offers custom monitoring in a self-service, user-defined manner. Best of all, STS can quickly understand if all IT assets are being monitored correctly without having to work with multiple siloed tools.
  • Patching Scale. OpsRamp’s patch management policies offer a robust solution for accelerating patch rollouts across its hybrid infrastructure. STS gains visibility for both Windows and Linux server patching in a single place and achieves centralized reporting for patch installation status and failures. Best of all, IT teams can organize device groups by business unit, create automated patch schedules for different units, and meet internal policies for compliance.
  • Automation. OpsRamp’s runbook automation framework (that builds on asset management and unified monitoring policies) helps STS drive toward the auto-remediation of critical issues without human intervention. Additionally, STS expects standard operating procedures within runbooks to enable agile incident response, faster mean time to repair, and quicker recovery.

Do More With Less

OpsRamp has helped Epsilon deliver new levels of efficiency while simultaneously providing the flexibility it needs to transform its overall operations. The STS team is driving more automation within its operations functions across seven internal business units and hundreds of clients.

OpsRamp’s enterprise command center lets STS quickly respond to demands of business users with better visibility and insights for scalable and seamless service delivery. The IT team can finally deliver services that help the business grow without having to spend all of their time on reactive issues.