Clarity And Control Start Here

Do you really know your asset base?

To support your business, you need visibility into what IT assets you own or rent across hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure.

IT Assets

Are you using your IT assets in an optimal way?

Given how easy it is to spin up cloud services, it’s vital to track your cloud consumption and cloud spend management to avoid sticker shock.

IT Services

Can you link your IT services to underlying infrastructure?

If an outage hits your network, you’ll need to pinpoint root cause for business services at the infrastructure level.

The Unified Service Discovery Toolkit

View and analyze your hybrid IT infrastructure stack with automated IT asset discovery and onboarding policies. Gain complete flexibility over where to host your workloads by understanding how your assets are shifting with business demands.

Discovery Elements
IT Asset Footprint

Understand Your IT Asset Footprint

Application Discovery

Simplify the process of finding applications and services, and underlying relationships using standard protocols and APIs.

Onboard Your Entire Infrastructure at Lightspeed

Bring your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure under management, without investing in manual processes or expensive professional services.

Keep Up With Change

Continuously discover legacy and modern workloads, as they are being provisioned and decommissioned.

Cloud Infrastructure Spend

Analyze Your Cloud Infrastructure Spend

Understand Your Asset Mix

Shadow IT? Forgotten apps? See how your workloads are expanding and shrinking over time.

Monitor Your Asset Consumption

Learn which of your workloads are being underutilized, overutilized, or anything in-between.

Gain Control Over Cloud Costs

Analyze your public cloud spending across service categories, instance types, and regions with cloud spend management dashboards.

Service Maps

Deliver The Outcomes That Matter

Manage to the Service, Not the Element

Manage business services as logical entities by visualizing the relationships between infrastructure and services with topology maps and dynamic service mapping.

Drive Transparency

Expose relevant service maps to business units so that they can monitor the services that matter to them.

Work Proactively

Solve issues faster by analyzing application interdependencies using visual workflows.

Artificial Intelligence for Proactive IT Operations

Harness the power of OpsQ, the artificial intelligence event management engine, to reduce chaotic incident responses and better manage the complexity of modern digital and IT operations.

AIOps For Proactive IT Operations

See Across Your Entire Infrastructure Stack With Unified Service Discovery

Real-Time Visibility

Gain visibility into your entire asset base across on-prem and multi-cloud.

Service Mapping

Learn how business services and IT assets connect across a dynamic supply chain.

Track Consumption

Understand the mix of IT assets across your business units, locations, and services.

Maximize Capacity Utilization

See how your assets are being utilized across different IT services.

Enrich Your CMDB System

Keep your CMDB data current with live asset inventory information.

Move To The Cloud With Confidence

Make informed decisions on which workloads to shift to the public cloud.