What is IT Operations as a Service?

Modern IT Operations Management For An Increasingly Complex World.

It used to be, with the rise of the digital customer experience, that every company was a software company.

Now, with the rise of of cloud services, software-defined environments, and DevOps and agile development models, every business unit is operating like a software startup. To control the chaos, enterprise IT organizations must transform into a “value-added enabler for the most effective and efficient use of services across the enterprise."

Modern digital and IT operations teams are taking on the role of service providers for driving the consumption of internal and external services in response to the demands of these disparate business units, divisions, and subsidiaries. You not only need to change the way you operate, but also ensure you are using the right tools for contextual visibility and control.

As a scalable cloud-based IT operations management (ITOM) platform, OpsRamp delivers smarter, more unified infrastructure monitoring and management across business units, locations, and teams in a dynamic environment.

This is IT Operations as a Service. It’s the ability to deliver shared IT operations functions at scale to different lines of business within an enterprise.

Why IT Operations As A Service?

Agility and flexibility meets governance and control.

As companies continue to transform digitally, every business unit now has the flexibility to spin up its own services and act like a software company. IT operations as a service is the new framework for enterprise IT teams to control the chaos of hybrid, shadow and distributed IT by offering a unified view.

Air-traffic control for IT operations

Air-traffic control for IT operations management.

Your Digital Operations Command Center.

Discover all your assets, take action sooner, and optimize your environment. Stop managing infrastructure and start delivering end-to-end digital services.

How does a Digital Operations Command Center work?
Hybrid IT Infrastructure

The future is hybrid.

Where Cloud Meets Legacy IT Infrastructure.

Manage your legacy and modern infrastructure, in a single place. Deliver service-centric infrastructure management, regardless of where your workloads reside.

Access and control your hybrid IT landscape in two days or less
Centralized Visibility and Control

Keep a tight grip.

Centralized Visibility and Control

One consolidated view of critical operational metrics like availability, performance, capacity, and cost management simplifies reporting and analysis.

Drive availability and performance for business services
Role Based access

A place for everyone.

Role-Based Access

Access role-based dashboards, metrics and incidents for the services you own. Troubleshoot and automate maintenance with policy-based management.

Better control and better compliance
Unified Service Intelligence

Built for every business unit.

Standardization Meets Customization.

Your common enterprise catalog of services can be customized for each business unit based on the services offered, consumer demand, seasonal campaigns, and specific workloads needs.

Discover Unified Service Intelligence
Visibility and Value

Total service transparency.

Business Visibility and Value

IT operations as a shared service offers global visibility into service level performance with cost estimates, so that IT can drive digital transformation while continuing to run efficiently and profitably.

Unified Service Discovery brings it all together

Maximum agility.

Built for DevOps

IT operations as a service provides continuous visibility into application performance and deployment environments for streamlined release cycles and faster incident remediation.

DevOps enablement comes standard
Tool Consolidation

Consolidate and simplify.

Tool Consolidation for Greater Effectiveness.

IT operations as a service is built to integrate with your IT management tools ecosystem. Deliver a consolidated view across point tools and enterprise platforms.

Our integrations include your existing IT management tools

Industry Feedback

“OpsRamp takes the chaos out of infrastructure.”

- Mathew Campbell, VP of Infrastructure Delivery, Epsilon

Proactively manage your digital services with Unified Service Intelligence.

Stop managing infrastructure, optimize your business-critical IT services.

Unified Service Intelligence