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OpsRamp Vs Legacy ITOM Tools

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Time To Modernize Your Monitoring

IT teams have embraced infrastructure modernization to lower technical debt, drive faster time-to-market, and accelerate digital transformation. IT leaders must rethink monitoring, automating, and optimizing their modern infrastructure management. And this requires reimagining their monitoring, event management, and automation tools stack.

Legacy tools were designed to monitor the availability and performance of static and predictable infrastructure. Given the levels of application diversity and infrastructure complexity today, can IT teams still bank on old monitoring tools to keep their organization running?

Focus on Innovation

OpsRamp’s modern SaaS platform ensures that IT staff spend their time and energy on what is critical to the business rather than managing their enterprise monitoring infrastructure.

Faster Time to Value

Modernize your infrastructure monitoring, event management, and workflow automation in weeks with a powerful and easy-to-deploy SaaS platform for digital operations.

Root Cause Analysis Powered by AI

Stop drowning in alert noise with machine learning and data science insights that deliver rapid troubleshooting and faster incident remediation during an outage.

Impact Analysis and Service Context

Gain instant visibility and better line of sight into infrastructure dependencies for IT services with visual workflows for network topology and business-service maps.

Digital Transformation with Cloud Adoption

Migrate and monitor your business-critical workloads on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with OpsRamp’s monitoring integrations for more than 150 different cloud services.

OpsRamp vs Legacy Tools

OpsRamp delivers comprehensive capabilities for AI-driven event and incident management, intelligent automation and hybrid observability in a single platform that would require multiple, different legacy tools to deploy, integrate, operate and manage.