Our Zabbix integration lets you maintain and optimize customer experiences by staying ahead of service disruptions. OpsRamp aggregates, analyzes and contextualizes Zabbix events so that you can repair and restore IT services promptly.


Here’s how the Zabbix integration delivers comprehensive hybrid visibility for maintaining compelling digital experiences at scale:

  • Seamless integration between OpsRamp and Zabbix. View all your Zabbix alerts in a single place and drive faster recovery for application outages by correlating noisy alerts into actionable inferences.
  • Business-service impact. Pinpoint root cause(s) by understanding interrelationships between application services and underlying cloud resources. Take ownership for the performance of digital services with contextual visibility through service maps.
  • Control the chaos. Access unified and real-time insights into the availability and health of business-critical applications with real-time dashboards. Predict performance issues and deliver transparency for IT service delivery with machine learning.