OpsRamp offers dynamic discovery, hybrid performance monitoring, real-time alerting and visualization for virtual machine bandwidth consumption of VMware hypervisors. IT teams can not only access related performance insights for VMs, clusters, hosts, containers, and vSANs, but also use topology maps to understand the service and infrastructure dependencies for virtualized infrastructure.


IT teams can use the OpsRamp Gateway to onboard their VMware VCenter servers, ESX/ESXi hosts, and virtual machines via APIs. Administrators can add, edit, and remove different resources like virtual machines, hosts, datastores, and clusters and determine the health and performance of host servers and their corresponding virtual machines. Here are the main benefits of the integration:

  • Hypervisor Topology: OpsRamp helps tame virtualization sprawl by discovering and visualizing relationships across virtual machines, hypervisor servers, and clusters in VMware vSphere environments.
  • VMware vCenter: The vCenter server is a centralized management application that manages virtual machines on a distributed virtual datacenter and ESXi hosts. With OpsRamp, administrators can view the entire list of hosted virtual machines and impacted resources along with related threshold breaches for virtualized environments.
  • VMware ESXi Hosts: OpsRamp provides detailed insights to monitor and abstract the performance of the processor, memory, storage, and networking resources for virtual machines running on ESXi hosts. IT operations teams can maximize ESXi server uptime and ensure that virtual machines in ESXi servers are running at peak performance using role-based dashboards and real-time alerting.
  • VMware Datastore: Datastores are storage containers that offer a standard model for storing virtual machine files. OpsRamp discovers datastores as part of vCenter and ESXi discovery and tracks datastore performance with real-time insights on available capacity, unused capacity, read/write rates, and total provisioned disk space.

Detect performance issues in your VMware

Proactively detect and address performance issues in your VMware environment.

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