As you know by now, Micro Focus acquired all of HP's ITOM software assets, including the Operations Bridge Suite.

That means you're now paying for legacy software from a company known for extracting every last dollar from its customers.

Don’t get angry. Get educated. And then make a better choice for your business.

Micro Focus customers can switch to OpsRamp and save 30%. Ready to modernize?


So why is this legacy ITOM technology still alive?

In 2017, why did Micro Focus merge with HPE Software in a record $8.8 billion deal?
Simple. Because Micro Focus is exceptional at squeezing its customers.


A Reputation That Precedes Them.


The ITAM Review writes,

Attachmate, a Micro Focus brand, sued its customer Mobistar in 2014 for what it called ‘illegal use of a competitor product.’ An audit found that using competing technology was in violation of its license.

“They are the nastiest vendor out there. One of the top four auditing firms actually stopped doing business with Attachmate because their behaviour was damaging their customer relationships” (i.e. even the audit alligators don’t want to work with Attachmate).

“Attachmate is a dying brand with license revenue heavily dependent on audits. They are aggressive and quickly jump to legal action; no holds are barred with Attachmate”.

This doesn’t sound like a company that cares about its customers.

The ITAM Review


A Throwback Pricing Structure.


Micro Focus customers don’t just have to pay license fees for the software. They also pay additional costs for so-called “management packs” They’re purchased separately and require an agent to update. You’ll need a premium management pack for all your datacenter, cloud, and middleware workloads (including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint!).


Maintenance That Never Quits.


The ITAM Review
Micro Focus’s Professional Services cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for implementation, training and updates. In a world of SaaS solutions, automatic updates and scalable architectures, how is this still tolerable?
Micro Focus hasn’t been treating its customers well for a long time.
Financial Times

"Micro Focus has built a reputation for buying unloved assets and extracting value from them."

In its March 2018 earnings call, Micro Focus confirmed that it will increase operating margins from 21% to 45% by 2021. The company’s strategy has relied on making money from customers through aggressive licensing and support fees.

If you’re a Micro Focus customer, prepare for aggressive compliance audits, expect to renegotiate renewal terms, and face stiff upgrade charges. In his blog, Lindsay Hill writes:

Lindsay Hill
451 Research

“Micro Focus is a pure-play software house with particular expertise in managing mature software assets."

Maybe this is why Micro Focus merged with HP Software in September 2017. It’s just a cash cow.

But six months later, its new CEO quit.

And in a matter of hours, $6.4 billion of the company’s value (50% of market cap) was erased.

This company is not innovating for its customers. Don’t become the next Micro Focus casualty.

If You Are An Operations Bridge Customer, We’ve Got A Few Questions For You.

  • Have you invested in a patchwork of HP / MF tools like UCMDB, NMMi, SiteScope, and Service Manager in conjunction with OMi for incident management?
  • Are you paying hefty annual maintenance fees for OMi / Operations Bridge? Have you wondered where your maintenance dollars are going given the lack of product innovation over the last few years?
  • On top of license and maintenance fees, why do you pay for premium management packs? Why does Micro Focus only provide a handful of free management packs for event and fault management?
  • Have you invested in highly available (and redundant) infrastructure for Operations Bridge? Do you have experienced staff whose only job is to keep MF OMi / Operations Bridge up and running?
  • Why does your OMi framework break every time you upgrade either your infrastructure or your IT management tools?
  • Why can you only use Groovy scripts for workflows? Why doesn't MF offer modern scripting frameworks for monitoring automation?

Learn why the Micro Focus Operations Bridge suite is holding you back from IT modernization.

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There’s a better way.

Meet Unified Service Intelligence, the Modern Approach to Observability

Unified Service Intelligence from OpsRamp is a modern, cloud-based IT operations platform for hybrid IT that goes beyond legacy technologies like Micro Focus OpsBridge and delivers unified availability, performance and event management..

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Saving beats spending

Get some relief from the outrageous licensing and maintenance fees of Micro Focus. Choose Unified Service Intelligence for SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring and event management, including native service desk. Contact us today for:

  • A free assessment of your company’s current IT operations environment including total-cost-of-operations as well as a free custom lightspeed migration plan.
  • 30% savings on Unified Service Intelligence.
  • Free professional implementation services.

Don’t settle for the legacy, outdated and expensive Operations Bridge from Micro Focus. Make the switch to OpsRamp and control the chaos like never before.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why OpsRamp is your Micro Focus ITOM and Operations Bridge Alternative.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Pay a single price for licensing, maintenance, and management packs. Say goodbye to Micro Focus’s strong arm tactics for compliance audits, upgrade charges, and contract changes.

Stop Managing Your Tools

Stop Managing Your Tools

Don't spend your valuable staff time and departmental budgets managing Operations Bridge. Leave the tools management to OpsRamp and focus on supporting your CEO’s digital agenda.

Move At Digital Speed

Move At Digital Speed

Deploy your incident management solution in weeks without wasting money on expensive professional services. Troubleshoot with the right event context with all your metrics, events, and tickets in one place.

Upgrade Your Tools With Confidence

Upgrade Your Tools With Confidence

Don’t be stuck using older versions of your platforms or tools in the fear that your OMi integrations will break. Stop stitching together your tools and work with integrations built on secure and flexible APIs.

Never Miss An Alert Notification

Never Miss An Alert Notification

Don't invest in messaging infrastructure (SMTP, SMS, IVRS) for email, text, and voice notifications. Drive real-time incident management with Slack and HipChat integrations.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Stop using Groovy scripts for your monitoring automation. Create policies using modern scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Powershell, and Python) for automated IT management.

The Future of IT Operations Is Here and We’re Happy To Lead The Way.

Don’t take our word for it. Independent analysts and experts have recognized OpsRamp for our technology vision, innovation, and execution.

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