What is AIOps?

AIOps is the shorthand for artificial intelligence for IT operations. AIOps leverages a broad set of technology approaches, including machine learning, network science, combinatorial optimization and other computational approaches for solving everyday IT operational problems at scale. Enterprises can address a wide variety of IT management activities using AIOps, including intelligent alerting, alert correlation, alert escalation, auto-remediation, root-cause analysis and capacity optimization.

Control the Chaos with the OpsRamp AIOps Platform

OpsRamps service-centric AIOps helps you better manage infrastructure complexity by predicting performance issues and enabling self-correcting actions for repetitive incidents. With our service-centric AIOps platform, you don’t need to worry anymore about chaotic incident response with proactive insights for application and IT infrastructure issues.

The Difference

Eliminate up to 95% of the human time spent on IT event management with AIOps. Dramatically reduce the volume of alerts with computational intelligence and automatically route incidents to appropriate teams for faster resolution.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

AIOps can help you consolidate and compress raw alerts into meaningful events. Focus on critical incidents by gaining control over alert storms.

Contextual Awareness

Contextual Awareness

Correlate alerts with problems affecting IT services. Understand business impact with service maps and topology explorer built into our AIOps platform.

Actionable Automation

Actionable Automation

Manage alerts before they occur with predictive insights using our AIOps platform. Drive effective IT operations with machine data analytics.

Unified Analysis

Unified Analysis

AIOps tames the complexity of modern IT operations with richer and deeper insights across your tools stack.

Prompt Resolution

Prompt Resolution

Route relevant alerts to IT staff using the right communication channels and latest on-call schedules using AIOps.

Incident Remediation

AIOps can help you avoid costly service disruptions and handle repetitive incidents at scale with IT process automation.

Why AIOps?

Modern enterprises face the challenges of maintaining always-on digital services built on modern (multi-cloud, microservices, and containers) and legacy (physical and virtual) architectures. A typical IT operations team uses more than 10 different monitoring tools to support and maintain digital services. An AIOps platform can filter and analyze all that data to anticipate problems and predict the business impact for IT outages while still delivering compelling end-user experiences.

Alert Floods

Keeping up with the volume, variety, and velocity of IT events across different tools can be overwhelming.

Service Health

It’s not easy keeping track of hybrid infrastructure dependencies for IT and business services.

Situational Awareness

Lack of centralized service-health visibility impacts root cause(s) analysis and mean time to recovery.

AIOps For Intelligent Event Management

OpsRamps service-centric AIOps ensures rapid service restoration with machine learning.

  • Gain Operational Efficiencies

    AIOps handles growing volumes of alerts and events for modern IT infrastructure with automated event correlation.

  • Reduce Guesswork

    View actionable conclusions for performance incidents so that you can ignore false alarms and react faster.

  • Predict Business Impact

    Understand the visibility and impact to a business service with contextual and insightful alerts.

  • Speed Problem Resolution

    Ensure zero-impact to your digital business services with real-time analytical capabilities for root cause(s) analysis.

“We’ve seen alert volumes reduce by over 90% due to effective correlation by AIOps, improving our ability to provide first-to-know outcome-driven services to our customers.”

Ravikumar Raghavender Rao, Vice President of Service Delivery, NetEnrich

Implementing AIOps with OpsRamp

Take action faster with context and insights with our AIOps solution.


Intelligent Alerting

AIOps can help you get rid of alert storms and make sense of your event data with machine learning.


Alert Correlation

AIOps drives continuous resolution with predictive insights for better incident response.


Alert Escalation

Using AIOps you can restore services quicker with notifications that deliver the right business context.



With AIOps you can save time and money with automation-driven service repair and restoration.

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