It's almost like cheating.

OpsRamp helps retail enterprises get a grip on their global IT footprint
and squeeze more opportunity from existing technology.

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Bogged down by inefficient IT?

Read more about what it's costing you and what you can do about it with our Field Guide to Retail IT Operations.


Efficiency where you need it.


The OpsRamp IT management cloud gives you the visibility and control you need to manage everything from clouds to applications to POS systems to the latest and greatest omnichannel experiences. And all from one centralized SaaS platform.


Stop trouble before it happens.

Proactive monitoring keeps you a step ahead.

Manage any device or endpoint, maintain configurations, and mitigate security risks regardless of business unit, application, or location.


Save yourself from drudgery.

Automate using sophisticated polices.

Streamline and enforce the consistent application of policies across the enterprise and eliminate
time-consuming manual tasks like patching.


See it all.

Maintain visibility no matter your infrastructure.

Leverage custom dashboards, service maps and incident management platforms to keep a tight grip on an ever-changing hybrid IT landscape.