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Nutanix Integration

Deliver a new level of visibility, productivity, and governance across dynamic IT infrastructure by managing clusters, hosts, storage, and the network performance of Nutanix infrastructure.


OpsRamp’s integration for Nutanix discovers and monitors hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) elements such as clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage controller virtual machines (CVMs), and datastore performance metrics. Here are the main benefits of the integration.

Proactive Insights

OpsRamp lets enterprise IT teams optimize their business-critical services and deliver compelling end-user experiences with comprehensive monitoring, intelligent correlation, and real-time alerting.

Performance Monitoring

Collect comprehensive performance metrics and drive faster problem identification and resolution with alert notifications for breaches of critical performance thresholds.

Intelligent Correlation

Reduce alert noise and establish the right priorities for incident management with service-centric AIOps.

Impact Analysis

Deliver the right business context by establishing linkages and dependencies between business-critical services and underlying Nutanix infrastructure.

Asset Visibility

Discover different hyperconverged Infrastructure elements like hypervisors, virtual machines, storage networks, storage resources and monitor them using the OpsRamp agent.

OpsRamp + Nutanix

OpsRamp’s integration for Nutanix Prism helps IT operations teams manage the clusters, hosts, storage, and the network performance of their Nutanix infrastructure.  Learn more about our Nutanix integration.