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Microsoft Azure Cloud Monitoring

Visualize, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your dynamic cloud architectures with OpsRamp’s support for 50+ Azure services.


OpsRamp’s cloud monitoring and management and powerful integrations help you manage the fast-moving world of Microsoft Azure with clarity and ensures that your critical cloud services are working to your full advantage.

OpsRamp helps you maintain the availability and performance of cloud resources, optimize cloud spend and manage enterprise compliance within a single interface.

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Manage the health and performance of your Azure services (compute, storage, network, database, web, containers, analytics, AI, and integration services and more) with OpsRamp’s monitoring templates and multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Cloud Cost Insights

Understand the key reasons behind your cloud bills across cloud accounts, resource types and custom attributes. Assign global tags in Azure to access detailed cloud spend by business unit or IT services.

Extract Signal From Noise

Drive quicker remediation for cloud incidents with OpsRamp’s intelligent event management capabilities. Analyze and correlate raw events and alerts from Azure OMS to resolve issues with faster speed and greater accuracy.

OpsRamp + Microsoft Azure

Actionable Insights for Cloud Management. Looking to learn more about our Azure integrations?