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Modern service providers are growing their business and differentiating their services with the OpsRamp platform:

Grow Your Business

Increase revenue per customer by launching new offerings and delivering higher-margin services.

Improve Customer Outcomes

Respond faster to customer needs with faster deployments, secure delivery, and quicker resolution of operational issues.

Reduce Operational Costs

Drive greater efficiencies by reducing hybrid IT complexity and time spent on daily IT operations.

"OpsRamp allows us to do more with less. It enables us to support more clients and more devices, be more responsive, and root out inefficiencies without investing in multiple tools across operations."

Jay Keating

EVP, Services, GreenPages Technology Solutions

Grow Your Business

Expand your service offerings by addressing your customer’s challenges around digital transformation and hybrid cloud adoption.

  • Add New Revenue Streams – Build, offer, and operate new service lines such as monitoring as a service, intelligent incident management, and automated remediation.
  • Improve Customer Retention – Drive the right business outcomes for customers with advanced analytics and critical insights for optimizing service availability and performance.
  • Free Up Resources – Reduce downtime and stay ahead of potential issues with AIOps and automated remediation so your teams can focus on innovation rather than maintenance.
Grow Your Business

Track the health of critical IT services across your customers

Improve Customer Outcomes

Respond faster to customer needs with rapid deployment of secure and large scale managed services across thousands of enterprise customers.

  • Faster Time to Value – Deliver cost-effective managed services with rapid customer onboarding and complete resource visibility across different hybrid environments.
  • Scalability – Support multiple customers in a single place with a multitenant platform that enables shared services delivery across multiple customers or geographic locations.
  • Robust Compliance – Improve governance by recording all staff actions taken on resources and making these recorded sessions accessible to your customers at any time.
Reduce Operational Costs

Gain visibility and control across different customer environments

Reduce Operational Costs

Improve efficiencies by simplifying and automating hybrid IT monitoring and event and incident management in a single place.

  • Quicker Return on Investment – Reduce total cost of ownership by consolidating different monitoring tools and reducing the overall cost of service delivery.
  • Avoid Swivel-Chair Operations – Gain a single source of truth by combining metrics, events, topology, and analytics across your customer’s diverse IT environments.
  • Escape Commoditization – Shift from commodity infrastructure selling to differentiated managed services for greater margins and better operational efficiencies.
Improve Customer Outcomes

Shift from reactive management to proactive service delivery

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