Upscale Your Services

Customer trust and longevity are fundamental for long-term success and recurring revenues. You can combat commoditization by modernizing your tool sets and processes for delivering the value and functionality that your customers require.

OpsRamp MSP Customers

Evolve Your Services | Grow Your Revenue

Mid to Large Service Providers around the world are evolving their business and differentiating their services with the OpsRamp SaaS platform for modern IT operations:

Reduce Operational Costs

Drive greater efficiencies by reducing complexity and time spent on daily IT operations.

Improve Customer Outcomes

Respond faster to customer needs and reduce MTTD and MTTR with the right insights and capabilities.

Grow Your Business

Increase revenue per customer by streamlining operations and expanding your service offerings.

Reduce Operational Costs

Improve efficiencies by simplifying and automating monitoring and management tasks.

  • Multi-Tenant Platform – Securely onboard and manage the requirements of enterprise customers as individual tenants within OpsRamp.
  • Patch Management – When OpsRamp discovers Windows and Linux resources, it captures information on installed patches, missing patches, and approved patches that can be immediately installed.
  • Alert Integrations – Gain a single source of truth across customer’s diverse environments by integrating alerts and insights from third-party tools.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations – MSPs can use their SSO technology of choice as OpsRamp supports authentication tools based on the SAML 2.0 protocol.
Reduce Operational Costs

Improve Customer Outcomes

Respond faster to customer needs with the help of machine learning to streamline troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Automated Discovery and Onboarding Policies – Improve governance with 100% visibility of resources across customers’ hybrid environments and automatically apply policy-driven monitoring and management templates as each resource joins the network.
  • Resource Dependency Mapping – Easily identify which infrastructure resources support which business-critical applications, for improving your prioritization and incident triage efforts.
  • Role-Based Dashboards and Controls – Define customized reporting dashboards and user privileges and permissions to give customers access to comprehensive performance metrics.
  • Audit Recordings and Trails – Improve governance and fine-tune processes by recording all actions taken on devices and making these recorded sessions accessible to your customers at any time and from any location.
Improve Customer Outcomes

Grow Your Business

Expand your service offerings and support customers’ multi-cloud adoption and digital transformation plans.

  • Free Up Resources – Evolve your proactive stance with OpsRamp’s event correlation, auto-escalation, and policy-driven automation so your teams can focus on innovation rather than upkeep.
  • Add New Revenue Streams – Expand your service offerings with added-value services around customer advisory and lifecycle management, implementation and custom automation scripting, optimization and analytics, and Tier 1 support services.
  • Improve Customer Retention – Bolster the strategic value your teams deliver to your customers by arming them with the right tools, analytics, and insights for improving uptime and optimizing service health.
Grow Your Business