Apex Assembly

Cloud Summit 2022

May 17-19, 2022

 Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami, Florida

OpsRamp is a Sapphire sponsor for Cloud Summit, #cloudsummit2022. With three exciting days filled with even more insights, experts, networking and technical and go-to-market content, it’s never too soon to think about how you’ll spend your time at the next Cloud Summit. Stop by our booth #A7 to learn more about managing more clients, delivering more, unique services and automating everything possible to drive more revenue. It's time to transform your IT services with OpsRamp - a modern IT Operations platform that's truly built for service providers.

Upcoming and Recorded Webinars


RampChat: IT’s 2021 Agenda: Revolutionary, Reactionary or Both?

Most IT groups received praise in 2020 for enabling business operations to continue throughout the Covid crisis.  What will it take to be successful in 2021?  Seven-time CIO Mark Settle shares his perspective on leadership challenges and opportunities in the coming year, using insights from our fall Operations survey.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - Corporate Communications, Mark Settle - CIO/Author

39 mins

RampChat: How Great IT Ops Can Revive Businesses In 2021

Digital Innovation. Extreme Reliability. Awesome User Experiences. All must be delivered in a world of budgetary constraints and a raging pandemic. What should Infrastructure & Ops leaders do to crack the code?

Presented by: Polly Traylor - OpsRamp, David Ishmael - Trace3

34 mins

RampChat: The Love/Hate Relationship with Legacy Software

Legacy systems have a bad rap. But let’s face it: enterprises rely upon them, especially in traditional sectors. How do you decide whether to keep, upgrade or outright replace legacy software? OpsRamp’s senior product and engineering leaders, Bhanu Singh and Ciaran Byrne, will share their thoughts on legacy software --the good and the bad--in this live video chat.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - Corporate Communications, Bhanu Singh - SVP, Ciaran Byrne - VP of Product Management

36 mins

RampChat: OpsRamp Using OpsRamp for SaaS Ops Excellence

Today’s SaaS and cloud operations teams must effectively monitor availability and performance across multiple geographies, manage secure access across roles and clients, and constantly improve KPIs. In this live video discussion, OpsRamp’s director of cloud operations, PVV Raju, shares best practices and tips from our internal use of OpsRamp.

Presented by: PVV Raju - Director of Cloud Operations, Polly Traylor - Director of Corporate Communications

35 mins

RampChat: Lessons Learned in the CI/CD Journey

In this live chat, OpsRamp group product manager Michael Fisher shares tales from OpsRamp’s ongoing transition to a CI/CD lifecycle, including goals, challenges, surprises and lessons learned.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - Corporate Communications, Michael Fisher - Product Management

29 mins

RampChat: Avoiding Disaster with AIOps

AIOps can help IT by discovering patterns that solve issues faster or identify brewing issues. But as with any new technology there are risks. Join us for this live video chat with two AI and IT operations experts who will divulge where AIOps goes wrong--and how to avoid disaster.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - Corporate Communications, Neil Pearson - Principal Product Manager

33 mins

RampChat: Hiring and Managing IT Staff During a Global Crisis

Acquiring, retaining and optimizing IT talent has never been easy but in 2020, there’s a whole new set of considerations for IT leaders and managers. IT workforce expert Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates, joins us for a live conversation.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - OpsRamp, David Ishmael - Trace3

36 mins

RampChat: Addressing the Gap Between Development and Operations

OpsRamp and Beyond20 are coming together to address the negative impact that your business and innovation potential is suffering while you continue to allow your Development and Operations teams to operate in silos.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - OpsRamp, David Ishmael - Trace3

36 mins

RampChat: IT Leadership in 2020

In 2020, targeted digital initiatives, infrastructure resiliency and workforce productivity are critical enablers for organizational success. Join us for a conversation with OpsRamp CEO Varma Kunaparaju to discuss these integral IT leadership topics along with IT operations management trends.

Presented by: Polly Traylor - Corporate Communications, Varma Kunaparaju - CEO

29 mins

CloudOps with OpsRamp: From Discovery to Resolution

This Tech Talk will showcase the collective value of a unified IT operations management platform, reviewing multiple OpsRamp features and tying them to the most common CloudOps workflows.

Presented by: Wael Altaqi, Darren Cunningham

38 mins

Enterprise Service Management & IT Operations Management Coming Together

In this Tech Talk, FlyCast Partners will join us to discuss Enterprise Service Management - what's changed, what's next and how does it intersect with modern digital operations.

Presented by: Bobby McCullough - Flycast Partners, Curt Thorin, Darren Cunningham - OpsRamp

44 mins

Eliminating the Multi-Cloud Noise with Razor Technology and OpsRamp

In this Tech Talk, Ryan Rosenkaimer, Director of Operations at Razor Technology, will join us to discuss their managed services solutions and how OpsRamp delivers a single pane of glass to their customers. OpsRamp solution architect Michael Del Castillo will also join the discussion and demonstrate the multi-cloud monitoring, alert correlation and AIOps solution.

Presented by: Ryan Rosenkaimer - Razor Technology, Michael Del Castillo and Darren Cunningham - OpsRamp

46 mins

Keeping Your CMDB Up To Date in Distributed Times

In this Tech Talk, the experts from Beyond20 and OpsRamp will discuss the future of the CMDB and demonstrate the power of unified IT service management (ITSM) and operations management (ITOM).

Presented by: Scott Minnis - Beyond20, Wael Altaqi and Darren Cunningham - OpsRamp

47 mins

Process Automation for Modern IT Operations Management

In this Tech Talk for IT operations management, we'll focus on the key process automation trends and challenges and demonstrate OpsRamp's remediation and automation capabilities.

Presented by: Neil Pearson - Principal Product Manager, Darren Cunningham - VP of Marketing

46 mins

Why MSPs Choose OpsRamp for Hybrid IT Operations Management

In this Tech Talk, we'll review key OpsRamp platform technology that enables service providers to accelerate digital transformation for their customers.

Presented by: RK (Radhakrishna Kukunuri) - Solutions Consultant, Darren Cunningham - VP of Marketing

45 mins

IT and OT Convergence

We've joined forces with Mystic River to discuss the convergence of IT and OT and dive into a demonstration to show what’s possible with OpsRamp.

Presented by: Eric Repec - Director, Center of Excellence (Continuous Intelligence) Mystic River & Curt Thorin - Solutions Consultant

47 mins

Improve Website Performance and Availability with Synthetic Monitoring

OpsRamp synthetic monitoring allows you to track the performance of your websites and internet services and remove bottlenecks before they can affect your users. Join this TechTalk to learn more.

Presented by: Michael Fisher, Darren Cunningham

42 mins

Common Operations Problems Solved by OpsRamp Discovery and Monitoring

Streamline what’s dragging your team down and learn how OpsRamp enables IT operations teams with hundreds of out-of-the-box IT infrastructure monitoring templates and powerful AIOps capabilities.

Presented by: Neal Berggren, Darren Cunningham

44 mins

Managed Service Providers Need to Ramp Up Now

In this interactive Tech Talk, we will focus on ways to accelerate innovation with hybrid operations monitoring and management - from discovery to resolution.

Presented by: Eric Cook, Paul Bates

37 mins

Agentless Monitoring and Custom Monitors

Learn how OpsRamp agentless monitoring supports remote work strategies to track health and performance of network, storage, virtual, PaaS, and cloud resources.

Presented by: Curt Thorin, Darren Cunningham

46 mins

Getting to a Hybrid IT Strategy with OpsRamp

Discover new strategies for the unique challenges of IT operations discovery, monitoring, management, incident remediation and automation specific to hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

Presented by: Michael Del Castillo, Darren Cunningham

43 mins

Command Center: Outdated, or Perfect Time for IT Operations?

Explore the concept of a digital operations command center, see examples, and learn about the advantages of bringing your IT infrastructure monitoring and management together, in one place.

Presented by: Curt Thorin, Darren Cunningham

44 mins

Five Ways AIOps Can Transform Your Enterprise

Artificial intelligence for IT operations is a new, emerging technology to help IT operations teams make sense of operational data. But how can it work for you?

Presented by: Eric Cook

42 mins

Manage Your Hybrid IT Environment Through Remote Access

Remote work is fast becoming a new reality for many organizations. Learn how to effectively use remote access to remediate incidents and maintain service health and performance from anywhere.

Presented by: Jeff Kollmann, Solutions Strategist, OpsRamp; Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, OpsRamp

44 mins

Patching Operating Systems While Working from Home

Fix vulnerabilities, patch potential issues proactive, and defend the availability of your business services remotely. It's easier than you think.

Presented by: Michael Del Castillo, Solutions Consultant, OpsRamp; Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, OpsRamp

40 mins

Cloud to Cloud, Easily Integrate Cloud Monitoring Tools in a Time of Remote Work

Learn how OpsRamp can ingest, process, and analyze events from third-party tools and automatically create new managed resources for alerts ingested from other monitoring tools.

Presented by: Wael Altaqi, Darren Cunningham

44 mins

How OpsRamp's intelligent Escalations Enables Remote Workers

Organizations are quickly adopting remote work strategies. Explore how OpsRamp alert escalations policies allow administrators to configure escalations and get to the root cause faster.

Presented by: Chris Bell, Darren Cunningham

44 mins


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