OpsRamp’s capabilities for Infrastructure Monitoring, Event Analytics, Alerting, and Synthetics highlighted in 451 Research’s annual report.

  • February 27, 2019
  • San Jose, CA

OpsRamp the service-centric AIOps software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the hybrid enterprise, today announced its inclusion in 451 Research’s Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2019(1) for the second year in a row. OpsRamp is among a handful of vendors recognized for its capabilities in four specific categories, Infrastructure Monitoring, Event Analytics, Alerting, and Synthetics.

The Market Map report recognizes OpsRamp’s innovative platform that delivers service visibility and contextual control for modern IT operations and DevOps teams: “We are keeping our eyes on a small group of vendors that came out of the gate with platforms that can deliver a range of monitoring and incident management functions. These vendors, including OpsRamp…represent a new breed of IT operations management (ITOM) vendor, serving both incident responders as well as senior-level executives, since they offer top-level views of IT environment performance.”

The 451 Research Market Map provides a view of the vendor landscape by major segments and highlights key market trends for each segment. The Market Map tracks 250 vendors across 10 categories in the Application and Infrastructure Performance space. OpsRamp’s comprehensive platform capabilities for infrastructure monitoring, event analytics, alerting, and synthetics include:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring: The Market Map lists 54 vendors in the Infrastructure Monitoring category, making it one of the most competitive categories in the market. While OpsRamp can manage the full lifecycle of traditional on-prem infrastructure, the platform also provides advanced monitoring capabilities for managing multi-cloud and cloud native environments.
  • Event Analytics: The Market Map lists 15 vendors in the Event Analytics category, which help reduce “the alert fatigue that often plagues incident responders.” OpsRamp’s service-centric AIOps solution marries the ability to combine hybrid monitoring, machine learning-powered event analytics, alert management, and automated remediation, for faster incident detection, analysis, and response.
  • Alerting. With the rapid consolidation of alerting companies in 2018, the Market Map lists only 8 vendors in the Alert Management space. OpsRamp ensures prompt incident notification, escalation, and resolution with on-call scheduling and multi-channel notifications.
  • Synthetics. The Synthetics segment in the Market Map lists 26 vendors that help developers and IT operations teams “surface performance problems before they impact users.” OpsRamp’s synthetics ensure optimal customer experiences with uptime and health monitoring for end-to-end business transactions using multiple collector nodes globally.

“We thank 451 Research for recognizing OpsRamp across four distinct categories in their Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2019. OpsRamp’s service-centric AIOps platform ensures operational agility, responsiveness, and adaptiveness with service context and impact visibility for hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud native environments,” said Bhanu Singh, SVP, Product Development and Cloud Operations.

“Our research shows that as organizations move forward with digital transformation, IT teams must manage a growing volume of increasingly complex workloads. In many situations, the adoption of cloud and other new technologies has added new challenges, driving a proliferation of point tools for monitoring and management,” says Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, 451 Research. “Platform vendors with solutions that eliminate silos created by point tools can solve some of the problems that these teams face.”

View a complimentary copy of the report here.

(1) 451 Research, “Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2019” by Nancy Gohring, January 2019.

About OpsRamp

OpsRamp enables IT to control the chaos of managing their hybrid IT operations and act like a service provider back to the business. Built in the cloud, the OpsRamp service-centric AIOps platform drives total visibility across hybrid infrastructures, offers complete multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring and management of business-critical services, and optimizes services through automation and integration with ITSM and DevOps tools. Now enterprise IT can deliver IT operations as a service and power a digital operations command center that’s built for the challenges of modern, hybrid infrastructure.

Hundreds of enterprises like Dolby, Epsilon, and Bio-Rad, and managed service providers like NetEnrich, GreenPages, and NTT Data use OpsRamp to unify service availability information, transform contextual insight into action, and replace routine tasks with intelligent automation.

About 451 Research

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