Hosted Monitoring Powered by Prometheus Cortex

Easily collect data from Prometheus

Already monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus? Great! We integrate into your existing Prometheus environment in minutes.

Query with PromQL powered by Prometheus Cortex

Already monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus? PromQL to query our time-series database or reuse your existing Prometheus queries.

See all of your data in one place

Dozens of out-of-the-box integrations to bring all of your monitoring, alerting, and automation into a single platform.

Receive accurate alerts powered by machine learning

Powerful event correlation analytics applied across your event streams generate actionable notifications.

Automate remedial actions to save time

Restart a Cassandra node? No problem. Drag and drop to create step-by-step workflows triggered by accurate alerts.

OpsRamp Platform

Guarantee your IT service availability and performance with AIOps for streamlined event resolution, process automation for fewer repetitive tasks and observability of hybrid environments.