Case Study

Tietoevry brings multi-cloud AIOps to Nordics with OpsRamp

Vertical: IT Services
Tietoevry Success Story


Tietoevry is a technology company that provides advisory, transformational, and managed services to the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. This includes application and infrastructure services, cloud and data center services, cybersecurity, data management, AI and analytics, digital experience management and software development. Tietoevry is a true multi-cloud platform provider with a full range of infrastructure choices at scale, enhancing the digital and data sovereignty of the Nordic societies. It provides customers with a resilient, secure and compliant platform – accessible from anywhere for their data and cloud-native journeys.

Tietoevry supports more than 1,500 customers across the Nordic countries with a team of more than 5,000 technology experts working from multiple delivery centers within the European Union and globally. The company is supporting cloud operations for more than 250 large enterprises in the Nordics.

With complex, multicloud environments to manage for its customers, Tietoevry needed to modernize its customers’ operations tooling, bringing enhanced observability, speed and agility to its operations teams while eliminating silos between the operations and support teams. 

Tietoevry needed a modern IT operations management platform that could provide the customers with high observability of complex, multi-cloud environments, as well as event correlation and contextualization to remediate and resolve IT issues while reducing incidents caused by events/alerts. It found what it was looking for in OpsRamp’s Digital Operations Management platform.

“OpsRamp ticked all the right areas for us to be our partner”.

Rajkumar Jeyaraman , Head of Multicloud AIOps and DigiOps at Tietoevry

Business Challenges:

  • Operational siloes between support and operations teams reduced observability, increased alerts and delayed issue resolution
  • Legacy monitoring tools couldn’t manage cloud environments
  • No predictive insights from legacy tooling


  • Modern monitoring solution ideal for hybrid environments and shared services
  • Automation of routine IT tasks
  • Single pane of glass view of critical workloads


  • MTTD/MTTR reduced by more than 50%
  • Alert noise reduced by more than 95%
  • Routine ITOps tasks reduced by 50% through automation

Business Challenges

Tietoevry faced common challenges faced by companies that need to modernize their IT operations systems and service delivery including:

“We were looking for a modern monitoring solution, where I don’t want to create thousands of alerts going to the operations team, where they will [have to ensure] the right alerts are being actioned,” said Jeyaraman. “I want the platform to do that for me.”

The Solution

Multi-cloud AIOps is a key focus for Tietoevry in the customers it serves. These customers have IT resources in multiple cloud environments and need to manage that complexity without compromising agility or flexibility. So Tietoevry needed an IT operations management vendor that could support that vision. It turned to the OpsRamp platform for the following capabilities:

“I don’t have to spend a lot of development effort integrating various tools and solutions,” said Jeyaraman. “All these were readily available within OpsRamp.”

“My favorite is the single pane of glass view,” said Jeyaraman. “I can see the entire customer IT landscape through the service map or the topology map that OpsRamp is providing. I could at any given point in time look at where exactly the services are and what kind of a performance issue we have and which component is the cause of the performance issue.”

“Tietoevry doesn’t have to spend a lot of development effort integrating various tools and solutions. All these were readily available within OpsRamp.”

Rajkumar Jeyaraman

Key Benefits

Tietoevry has been using OpsRamp for more than a year, completing several customer implementations that have focused on IT modernization and automation. OpsRamp has helped Tietoevry to fulfill its multi-cloud AIOps vision by delivering enhanced observability, improved time to value and operational resilience. Tietoevry has been able to streamline and optimize its IT operations, becoming more proactive in dealing with IT events and moving closer to predictive IT. Benefits realized to date include:

“Using OpsRamp has materially improved MTTD and MTTR by focusing our operators’ attention on the potential sources of an incident leading to faster remediation and triaging,” said Jeyaraman.

“My favorite is the single pane of glass view. I can see the entire customer IT landscape through the service map or the topology map that OpsRamp is providing.

Rajkumar Jeyaraman