• November 27, 2017

OpsRamp, the cloud platform for IT operations management, is heading to booth 227 at AWS re:Invent 2017. OpsRamp will demonstrate an easier way to simplify IT operations, including availability and performance, proactive care, automation, and service management.

OpsRamp delivers end-to-end hybrid IT operations management, whether it’s asset discovery, monitoring, patching, alerting, or reporting. OpsRamp helps IT teams automatically discover cloud workloads, apply monitoring templates for cloud resources, and optimize hybrid cloud operations with configuration management, incident management and role based dashboards.

“We’re delighted to be featured at AWS re:Invent as a silver sponsor. We look forward to celebrating the latest in cloud innovation and meeting our customers and partners. We’re excited to help IT teams manage hybrid cloud at scale. IT operations is the heroic, underappreciated side of IT management, and we’re here to elevate its practice,” says Varma Kunaparaju, CEO of OpsRamp.

In the next five years, Gartner predicts that more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be influenced by the cloud. This makes cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces shaping the IT landscape. It also means that hybrid IT operations is a critical challenge for enterprises.

While the benefits of the cloud are real, IT teams are struggling with end-to-end management of mission critical applications across datacenter and cloud. OpsRamp will showcase how enterprises can drive full visibility and control for their hybrid cloud deployments.

For more information on OpsRamp’s participation at AWS re:Invent, please contact marketing@opsramp.com.

About OpsRamp

OpsRamp is the cloud platform for hybrid IT operations management that accelerates the speed of IT and enables it to respond to business demands faster than ever. Our cloud platform creates a central hub that all IT teams – from operations to service management and everyone in between – can use to manage today’s complex hybrid computing environment.

Built for enterprise IT and service providers, OpsRamp delivers the “killer app” for end-to-end IT operations management. Hundreds of organizations like Dolby, Epsilon, KAR Auction Services and Bio-Rad rely on OpsRamp to gain more visibility and control of their entire hybrid IT ecosystem. For more information, visit: www.OpsRamp.com.