Cloud app analytics and policy leader leverages Vistara to unify management of on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure for global IT operations

  • December 18, 2013
  • San Jose, Calif

Vistara, innovator of a comprehensive SaaS solution for modern IT operations, today announced it is the end-to-end operational management solution for Netskope’s global on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure. A leader in cloud app analytics and policy management, Netskope selected Vistara to enable modern IT operations management and DevOps methodology.

Vistara is currently being used by enterprises of all sizes to unify the monitoring and management of physical and virtual infrastructure, legacy monitoring tools, public clouds, and private clouds into a single, modern IT operations solution. Vistara offers an easy, secure and measurable way for IT professionals to monitor and manage their infrastructure remotely.

“We chose Vistara primarily because it enables us to successfully adopt a DevOps model that has led to gains in operational efficiencies and bolstered our competitive advantage. Vistara has made it much easier for engineers who are not operations specialists to monitor and manage both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure elements,” says Rob Cameron, Principal Software Engineer at Netskope. “By providing us with a unified view of our entire IT operations, Vistara enables our DevOps team to monitor and manage all of our physical and virtual infrastructure through a single pane of glass without having to log in to multiple systems or use expensive VPN infrastructure.”

The nature of Netskope’s business makes it imperative that the company maintain maximum security for safeguarding sensitive customer information in the cloud. “We rely on Vistara for the unified alert management it provides, detecting issues long before they affect the end-user, as well as the secure integration across multiple monitoring tools for notification, escalation and resolution,” continues Cameron. “Furthermore, we can manage the stringent compliance requirements that are imposed when working with our customer’s confidential financial information through Vistara audit management which provides administrator session recordings with audit trails, logs, and reporting of all user activity for compliance to third-party auditors.”

Netskope also uses Vistara to monitor capacity utilization. This helps ensure the timely provisioning of additional capacity as needed, and enhance the quality of software updates by providing visibility to development teams on issues affecting the production environment.

Vistara announced that Rob Cameron will be presenting the first of Vistara’s “IT Visionaries” live webinars on “Modern IT Operations Management for Cloud Solutions,” on Tuesday, January 14th at 11 a.m. PT. Cameron will discuss Netskope’s industry-leading approach to DevOps and modern IT operations management.

“Vistara is the only comprehensive IT operations management as service solution in the market today, and it provides everything IT organizations need to implement modern IT operations management,” said Varma Kunaparaju, Chief Technology Officer for Vistara. “We are proud to be working with Netskope to transform the management of its global IT operations. By leveraging our modern IT operations management platform to securely monitor and manage their physical and virtual infrastructure, Netskope is reaping the benefits that come from being the first-to-know whenever an infrastructure element is accessed or changed, as well as being able to detect and resolve any issues that arise automatically.”

About Vistara

Vistara provides a comprehensive SaaS solution for modern IT operations that is currently used by over 1000 customers. Vistara automatically discovers a customer’s entire distributed IT infrastructure and enables customers to unify IT operations management, manage public and private clouds, and deliver self-service IT. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Vistara sells directly and through our network of leading distributors and value added resellers. Vistara’s technology partners include some of the largest software and hardware vendors worldwide.

About Netskope

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