Expand Your Managed Cloud Services With OpsRamp

Managed cloud providers help enterprises manage infrastructure and platform operations for critical cloud services. How do managed cloud providers handle stateless and dynamic clouds without purchasing too many tools?

OpsRamp helps service providers manage availability and performance, asset and capacity, configuration, automation, and remote access management across hybrid clouds.

Managed cloud provider

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See The Difference

Join us for a demonstration to learn how service providers use OpsRamp to:

  • Discover, monitor, and manage hybrid cloud resources in an unified dashboard.
  • Extend IT operations capabilities across datacenters, private clouds, and public clouds.
  • Drive visibility and control across distributed applications and infrastructure.

Availability and Performance Management

  • Support sophisticated and dynamic environments and monitor any IT element or service in your hybrid cloud.
  • Construct a complete picture of your critical applications using service maps.
  • Measure and track against the predefined SLAs that matter to your customers at a workload level.

Asset Management

  • Track how your IT assets participate in the delivery of critical IT services.
  • Understand your asset composition and footprint with comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Understand the holistic demands on your systems today and tomorrow, by workload and time of day.
Asset Management

Proactive Care

  • Maintain desired configurations of IT assets at all times.
  • Keep your IT environment up-to-date, compliant and protected with patch management.
  • Manage change easily with standard policies for new devices both in the cloud and on-premises.

Automation Management

  • Simplify IT operations processes so that you can work on strategic initiatives.
  • Build and manage IT operations workflows grounded in real-world processes.
  • Capture context around events in a systematic manner for faster troubleshooting.

Remote Control and Compliance

  • Securely access and control remote devices over the Internet via consoles.
  • Understand what devices were accessed, for how long and when, and what was done during the session.
  • Use console recordings for change management, compliance and training.

OpsRamp Benefits

Gain Control

Access a single source of truth across domains and tools with our integration framework.

Achieve Scale

Deliver scalable cloud services across hundreds of customers with our multitenant SaaS platform.

Drive Profitability

Provide sticky, value-added managed services with our policy based management framework.

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