As enterprises increasingly adopt dynamic workloads, remote control and compliance helps you reduce time to resolution, understand event context and keep the business running. All without ever stepping foot in the office.


Maintain a tight grip across your business.

  • Securely access and control remote devices over the Internet via consoles.
  • Take actions on the target device and record all administrator sessions for playback
  • Manage credentials centrally with a built-in credentials store.

Control access at the source of trouble.

  • Launch remote consoles to analyze problems with real-time information.
  • Understand what devices were accessed, for how long and when, and what was done during the session.
  • Fix issues before the business is impacted.

Keep records for auditing and best-practices.

  • Monitor all user activity across your IT environment.
  • Use console recordings for change management, compliance and training.
  • Control and track access to critical infrastructure.