Event and Service Level Management Demo

When an incident occurs, how do you handle it? Get visibility into all of your IT assets and resources with event correlation and IT alert aggregation and IT alert escalation management so you can manage service level availability from provisioning to post-mortem.

Maintain Business Critical IT Services

Don’t just manage IT assets. Maintain services.

  • View service level availability and provide proactive incident troubleshooting before incidents strike.
  • Gain visibility into all of your IT assets and resources across datacenter and cloud environments using event correlation and alert management.
  • Map how your IT assets mult-cloud resources are participating in the delivery of business-critical IT services.
Alert Consolidation and Correlation

Keep alerts from becoming incidents.

  • Gain control of alert storms and false alarms with IT alert consolidation, IT alert aggregation, event correlation, and event management.
  • Bring down mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) with service-centric AIOps providing contextual alert information for all your events.
  • Notify the right teams with intelligent incident management with IT alert escalation for prompt resolution using email, voicemail, SMS, and Slack.
Service Level Management

Manage service delivery with a digital operations command center.

  • Align digital operations and multi-cloud incident management for effective and consistent IT services.
  • Maintain service levels for critical services with native service desk capabilities.
  • Keep track of all your service requests with bi-directional integrations with popular ITSM tools like ServiceNow and Cherwell.

Proactively manage your digital services with Unified Service Intelligence.

Stop managing infrastructure, optimize your business-critical IT services.

Unified Service Intelligence