Configuration Management

The OpsRamp platform allows you to maintain a complete, accurate picture of configurations across your entire IT infrastructure stack and eliminate disconnected patch management software. With OpsRamp you can build standardized configuration and patch management processes to mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and drive business agility.

Configure with complete efficiency

Configure with complete efficiency.

  • Maintain desired configurations of IT assets and multi-cloud resources at all times.
  • Drive faster deployments with reduced manual efforts with built-in configuration management and workload optimization.
  • Recover from device failures by automatically backing up network device configurations and restoring from backup as needed.
Mitigate security vulnerabilities with proactive remediation

Mitigate security vulnerabilities with proactive remediation.

  • Keep your IT environment up-to-date, compliant and protected with modern patch management.
  • Deploy and update any application, backup and antivirus agents.
  • Define and deploy patch policies for a safe and available hybrid IT infrastructure.
Apply policies to configure your infrastructure consistently

Apply policies to configure your hybrid infrastructure consistently.

  • Patch approval policies streamline the patch management process.
  • Ensure workload safety through consistent data delivered in customizable reports.
  • Manage change easily with standard policies for new devices and resources both in the cloud and on-premises.