Most enterprise IT teams probably don't know what their infrastructure looks like, much less how to manage it across its lifecycle. OpsRamp lets you continuously discover, visualize, and optimize your ecosystem so it sings like a symphony.


Manage assets across the whole lifecycle.

  • Dynamically discover and track your continuously morphing infrastructure.
  • Gain visibility into all of your IT assets across datacenter and cloud.
  • Map how your IT assets are participating in the delivery of business-critical IT services.

Improve governance and efficiency with IT asset management.

  • Harness the power of policies to systematically make decisions on the best use of your IT assets.
  • Understand your asset composition and footprint with comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Make procurement, upgrade, warranty, support and end-of-life decisions for all of your assets using a consistent governance framework.

Manage capacity like a champion.

  • Understand the holistic demands on your business systems today and tomorrow, by workload and time of day.
  • Forecast your capacity and provision optimally.
  • Optimize the use of capacity that you are already paying for.