Why You Should Treat Your DX IM Investments As A Sunk Cost

Technology leaders should critically assess if their requirements for hybrid and multi-cloud monitoring, intelligent incident management, and automated remediation requirements are being served by using DX Infrastructure Manager.

Patchwork Performance

Duct-Taped Tools

You will need to deploy DX Infrastructure Manager, DX Operational Intelligence, and Automic Automation for monitoring, alerting, and optimizing your hybrid infrastructure.

Built For Maintenance

Legacy Framework

Does it still make sense to use a two-decades-old monitoring solution such as DX IM that has not kept up with the times or delivered any major innovations in the last few years?

Overpriced Management Packs

Complex Pricing

The Portfolio Licensing Agreement (PLA) needs careful modeling of monthly and annual baseline consumption for different products over three years to see if you are truly gaining business value from your software investments.

Extra Infrastructure

Limited Cloud Monitoring

IT teams will find it difficult to manage the performance of their cloud infrastructure given that DX IM offers just 30 monitoring integrations for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Additional Staff Specialists

Missing Event and Remediation Management

With DX IM’s sparse capabilities for event management and process automation, IT operators will need to invest in additional tools for alert correlation and automation.

Update Headaches

Dedicated Infrastructure

Enterprises will need to deploy a ton of infrastructure such as a database server, DX IM server, UMP server, primary and secondary hub servers to deliver a highly available and fault-redudant monitoring solution.

OpsRamp Vs Broadcom DX Infrastructure Manager

OpsRamp delivers comprehensive capabilities for infrastructure monitoring, event and incident management, and workflow automation in a single platform that would need three different Broadcom tools (DX Infrastructure Manager, DX Operational Intelligence, and Automic Automation) to deploy, integrate, and operate.

Here Is Why You Should Choose OpsRamp

No Hidden Fees

No Rocket Scientists Needed

Deliver immediate value with OpsRamp’s transparent consumption-based pricing model. Best of all, you will not need a Ph.D. to figure out the cost of your software licensing.

Stop Managing Your Tools

Focus on Innovation

OpsRamp’s modern SaaS platform ensures that IT staff spend their time and energy on what is critical to the business rather than managing their enterprise monitoring infrastructure.

Move At Digital Speed

Embrace Digital Transformation with Cloud Adoption

Migrate and monitor your business-critical workloads on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with OpsRamp’s monitoring integrations for more than 150 different cloud services.

Upgrade Your Tools With Confidence

Root Cause Analysis Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Stop drowning in alert noise with machine learning and data science insights that deliver rapid troubleshooting and faster incident remediation during an outage.

Never Miss An Alert Notification

Impact Analysis and Service Context

Gain instant visibility and better line of sight into infrastructure dependencies for IT services with visual workflows for network topology and business-service maps.

Workflow Automation

Faster Time to Value

Modernize your infrastructure monitoring, event management, and workflow automation in weeks with a powerful and easy-to-deploy SaaS platform for digital operations.