IT teams can eliminate redundant work, respond to performance outages with the right context, and ensure secure access to hybrid enterprise infrastructure

  • May 12, 2020
  • San Jose, CA

OpsRamp, a modern SaaS platform for hybrid infrastructure discovery, monitoring, management, and automation, today announced a new promotion for IT operations teams facing unusual challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Enterprise IT is under enormous strain to ensure the availability of customer-facing applications and websites, manage the performance of multi-cloud infrastructure, and minimize network disruptions for employees working from home. All new OpsRamp customers that purchase the company’s hybrid discovery and multi-cloud monitoring solution will now receive free AIOps and remote access management platform capabilities for one year.

OpsRamp’s hybrid discovery and multi-cloud monitoring solution provides everything that IT teams need to deliver business resilience and enable optimal customer experiences. OpsRamp’s ready-to-use and custom integrations for third-party monitoring and IT service management tools help users quickly identify the cause of problems and solve issues with the right incident context. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIOps) algorithms power OpsRamp’s event management capabilities allowing enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers to scale their digital operations and ensure organizational flexibility.

  • Service-Centric AIOps. OpsRamp’s recent survey on IT spending trends, Thriving in the New Normal: How IT Operations Leaders Can Deliver Business Value in an Economic Slowdown found that 69% of IT leaders will invest in “AIOps tools that combine machine learning and data science techniques for faster incident diagnosis, rapid response, and service restoration.” OpsRamp’s AIOps capabilities can help reduce up to 95% of the human time spent on stressful and (often) reactive incident management. IT operations teams can reduce alert overload by focusing on the most critical incidents and access contextual data for faster problem resolution. OpsRamp’s dynamic alerting delivers timely notifications on breach of a critical threshold so that IT operators can proactively fix issues before users notice. Incidents can be promptly escalated to on-call teams using either multi-channel alert notifications (email, text, and voice) or bidirectional service desk notifications for faster problem recognition and resolution.
  • Secure Remote Access. Enterprises can allow both internal IT teams and external partner staff to securely access, troubleshoot, and restore business services using remote consoles. Secure remote consoles ensure IT administrators can access only authorized resources with role-based access controls. Session recordings enable change management, compliance, and training with reliable audit trails by recording every action taken by an IT operator.

“IT operations teams are now facing unique challenges to maintain and accelerate organizational growth, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity,” said Varma Kunaparaju, CEO of OpsRamp. “But that doesn’t mean that they have to do it alone. OpsRamp is committed to helping customers with more flexible and economic options for improving hybrid infrastructure monitoring and real-time incident management.”

Enterprise IT operations teams and managed service providers can immediately sign up for this program by visiting the OpsRamp Covid-19 offer page.

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